Dearest 12 Ordinary Women of Orlando, FL,

A belated sincere thank you for your kind gift to my wife, Lisa. It has been such a blessing to us. We are so thankful to you and the Lord for the generosity you have shown us. You are God’s hands and fee in my eyes. I purposely waited to write to let you know your extremely gracious gift greatly assisted us with medications that are extremely costly but needed to provide some temporary relief of constant body pain she is currently witnessing. It also allowed Lisa and I to make out of town trips to see our son, Ryan, go through his Air Force Pilot Graduation as well as another outing to see our daughter take part in her dear friend’s wedding.

Being diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer deepens Lisa’s heart to see her children reach certain milestones in their lives. Your gift did so in such a way that allowed her to see these events with a light that the Lord was with her and wanted her there. Lisa’s faith has been steady in her journey with cancer. Your wonderful gift has underlined her faith that the Lord is with her at all times, good or bad.

Please know we will never forget your great act of love and kindness and how the Lord works through his family of believers.

With the peace of Christ,