Heartfelt thank you

Dear Ordinary women, I want to send a HEARTFELT thank you for the lovely book, “Jesus Calling” and the monetary gift to help us through this journey! We are so very grateful for the wonderful people like you that God has put in our lives from the very beginning of this journey! Steven and I have been held up and carried along through the prayer and gifts of wonderful, wonderful people such as you all! We sometimes find it hard to even mutter a thank you, as that often times does not seem sufficient! We are so blessed to have you join us on this trip, and even though the road appears long and steep, we have been helped along the way each and every time we have needed it. From neighbors, friends, family, friends of family, church members, community and now you! How great to share the love each of you carries in your hearts! Thank you so much, and God bless each and every one of you! May we find a way to give back the way you have given of your hearts! With love and gratitude, Jenni