Oh my goodness! Thank you!

OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you so much! This past weekend my family of 3 received a precious gift from the Lord! I know it was from HIM because it was so specifically perfect on so many levels…thank YOU ALL for following God's lead to bless us with such precious gifts! (And on the perfect day…wish I could explain!)

We kept finding fun things as we opened up each and every envelope and gift basket and bag...it was like waves of blessings that kept showering us--demonstrating HIS love to us. My family is presently experiencing SUCH a difficult time concerning a family member and a horrible illness. This is unlike any other season we have ever experienced...so heart breaking...yet we continue to see the gracious hand of the Lord--meeting us at every turn. These gifts were as though they were the comfort and love of Jesus...I LOVE the hope necklace...I am wearing it now --representing the true HOPE I need to walk in each day. The gift cards are a HUGE blessing and the SPA pkg speaks to my heart...I wish I could sit down with you all and explain...WOW!!! The flowers are a continual msg that HE LOVES ME...making me smile and feel so special each day. The boys were overwhelmed as they began to open one STAR WARS gift after another(PERFECT BY THE WAY)...screaming and "I can't believe its!" --were filling our home. They felt the gifts were chosen with each of them in mind.:) They also felt the love of Jesus...meeting them in this season...I'm sending hugs from my family to each of yours...how we thank you for demonstrating HIM!
I DO wish the precious couple that delivered to my door could come back for just a minute for a hug:)…even their kind and gracious hearts were evident as they stood there handing me all those treasures…I could feel it! I didn't realize ALL I was receiving…and WHO and WHERE it was coming from…(Isn't that just like how it is when we receive from Jesus!) There I was accepting /smiling and closing the door after a minute…then the waves of blessings came and the tears…and boy craziness of jumps and excitement. My sons and I experienced grace that day…tons of love! We are so thankful and so overwhelmed! Tears…joy and love! Thank you for being HIS hands and feet! With Blessings! Kimberly