Nashville thank you

My husband, John, and I live in Nashville, TN and both work two jobs. He is a is a sound engineer at a recording studio and drives for Uber and I am the Clinical Administrative Director of a therapy practice and work at a hotel. John was recently injured and we spent two nights at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He had to have surgery and was fitted with a plate and 9 screws in his right ankle. John has been unable to walk without crutches, drive a car, or work at the recording studio since early November. The doctors tell us that he will have to continue to heal into January before he can begin physical therapy to start walking. Since the injury, I've picked up extra shifts at the hotel and work about 60-70 hours per week. Things have certainly been “tighter,” but we've accepted this season as a challenge and opportunity for ourselves to work hard, both in our marriage and in life. We know that God will provide and we are being strengthened. Yesterday, I received an amazing gift that was hand-delivered to my front door from three wonderful women. A beautiful necklace was gifted as well as a monetary gift that I am absolutely speechless about. I feel so uplifted by this anonymous act of kindness and don't know how to thank you for this amazing gift. We have been given a renewed sense of hope and a heightened sense of gratefulness. Thank you, to whomever thought of us, for making our Christmas so special and reminding us that we are blessed beyond measure.

With Love,