You encouraged and blessed our family

Angie and I would like to thank your organization for the extremely generous gifts you brought our family for Christmas.

The gifts had been dropped off a week or so earlier by a very warm and gracious women who chose to remain anonymous. We waited on opening the gifts from you until we brought our son Luke hope from the hospital after an extended hospital stay. Thanks be to God we brought him home on Dec 23rd and it was such a fun celebration of his homecoming opening some pre-Christmas gifts as a family.

All the kids including Luke were super excited about their gits. Someone did a great job sizing clothes and all were excited. I was just looking at the devotional “Built to Last” on the book of James and it's great. Our oldest Caleb and I are planning on going through it together and I'm excited to about it. The gift cards were a added blessing to me as I was scrambling to do last minute shopping after getting Luke home. I was able to buy some bonus gifts for the kids using the some of the cards along with shopping for our special Christmas meal which we celebrated as a family on Christmas Eve.

We're grateful for your organization being one of those used by God to encourage and bless us. Thank You!. We continue to marvel at Gods goodness in taking care of us. He has sustained out family with His Goodness and He is working in Luke bring him through to total Victory.