Donation-Brain Injury home in Stillwater, MN

Thank you for your generous gift and kind words of support for Granite House. Since we received your gift during our fall fundraising event on October 16th, I do hope that you and I made a face to face contact on that day. What a wonderful organization you have, to spread joy and hope to those of us who have faced tragedy and are taking each day just one step at a time. Granite House is the silver lining to our own family's difficult story, and as we meet more people who support our mission, we are getting enthused, excited, and feeling like our lives have a real purpose again. We hope you will continue to follow our progress as we move forward to build our community residence for younger adults with severe brain injury. We are planning an accessible sensory garden for the enjoyment of many others in our community besides just our resident families. This will include many wonderful volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. Please keep us in your thoughts, watch our facebook page for updates, and learn more at Thank you. Carol Insley