Gratitude from Long Lake, MN

To the women who dropped off the lovely, overwhelmingly generous basket of gifts to our home in Long Lake, MN (for the family of 6 that was staying with us and our family of 7), THANK YOU!!! It was with confusion and deep sadness that I received the basket, not knowing what to say or how to respond to the woman who dropped it off. Such kindness and love she offered. How does one say thank you to a stranger for loving on us in such a tangible and generous way, and really receive such an amazing gift with joy when the sad truth is that it got to be way too hard to have our friends living with us, so we had to kick them out last week. :( We will definitely try to pass along the generous gifts to them…maybe it will open a door for some forgiveness and healing on all of our parts. Thank you to whomever passed our story along to you and my sincerest apologies that the most recent part of our story was probably unknown to this person/people. What a wonderful group to be a part of. Thank you for reaching out to our families! Trusting the Lord with all of this, Sarah