It was like Christmas over here, that's for sure! 11/16

I can't believe I was chosen for this basket. First may I say that the last time I won anything I was twelve and it was a turkey for Thanksgiving-- which while great for the family didn't have much of a lasting impact. This gift basket came out of the blue and brought tears to my eyes. I'm disabled and in a wheelchair. My lower legs and right thumb were amputated after a bout with bacterial meningitis that I fortunately won. Since that time my husband and I have struggled (he's disabled as well) to make ends meet, but and I do want to emphasize this-- WE ARE HAPPY! Isn't that wonderful? And we love each other even more. This January we will have known each other 10 years, five of them with me in a wheelchair, and though we live frugally we are well loved and cared for by our family and friends. I will for the first time be able to try Aveda products. Yay! And Wen! And have a wine party with matching glasses! And most importantly, and I don't know how you knew, we have money for shopping at our favorite grocery store, HyVee! It was like Christmas over here, that's for sure! So thank you once again with all my heart for being involved in such a grand project. Please keep up the good work and know you're appreciated.