Thank this group of 12 unknown women to me...

To you 12,

My heart wells up!! This is happening much lately!! Family, Friends, neighbors, old friends reconnecting all the way from HS & college days....and more new angels that I am meeting everyday since just one month ago finding out that I will battle this breast cancer foe!!  

Now, you, this group of 12 unknown women to me, showing up out of the blue! Thank you so much for the gift!
Soon I will be wearing new hair & I have applied this gift toward that purchase. I will most likely face this side effect this week & I have to say it's emotional for me. (As it would be for most of us women) It just further confirms I'm sick & I have to keep taking that in a little more each day...and also keep taking in what is being done to get me well! And that's where the hope is & anticipation! I fully feel I will be healed!

My survivor friends say I'm now part of a new sisterhood, one that none of us wanted to be in! So here it is & thank you for the surprise of support! May all of you be doubly blessed this Christmas season & I will send up prayers for you as God knows you well.

With Much love & appreciation,