Thank you for thinking, caring, and giving. 10/25

On Tuesday Oct 25th our doorbell rang. I told my wife that it probably was a political visitor as I went to answer. Instead of being greeted by a door-to-door campaigner I was greeted by two wonderful women bearing gifts. The gifts these two incredible women brought for our granddaughter and us were appreciated both as physical gifts and as a heart lifting act of true kindness. Our granddaughter loves her new puppy dog sleeping bag and she has been sleeping with it ever since. It is approaching one year since we lost our daughter. This time of year has always been tough for us and since the loss of our daughter it is ever more so. Your gifts and, even more, your compassion have helped us through this difficult time of the year. Your act has affirmed again our faith and belief that no matter what tragedies befall you, God has a plan and you must trust in Him. God sends constant reminders that He is present and you definitely were one of those reminders. Thank you so very much. Love, David and Cinda