His timing is perfect

  God, He knows just what we need and when we need it. I wasn't even supposed to be home tonight, but I was. Isn't His timing so perfect? Thank you so much for this blessing. My struggles are financial, but also so emotional as I am back and forth with confrontations and communications and hard hard decisions. This, your gift, is peace of mind. The sweet woman that prayed with me, was more peace of mind. Thank you for praying for my children, that get caught up in the midst of the mess so often... I'm overwhelmed and thankful. Thank you for being stewards of God's provision in your life, and allowing him to use each of you to bless me. This necklace, "hope", is something I've felt like I've lost lately. I've lost hope in the system, hope in the courts, but it reminds me that I never need to lose hope in Him! <3 Much love this holiday.