Oh my goodness!!!

My dear, dear son, Matt, died on July 8, and I have been a heartbroken mess ever since, going through the motions of life, but not doing it very well. Today, my daughter and I attempted Christmas shopping, but I do think that when we are together, it makes us even more sad. I got home and saw something by my front door. So I opened the trunk of my car to retrieve my packages and walked over to see what was there, by my door. I found a lovely spruce holiday planter, and a large basket filled with things. I brought the basket inside and went back out. A car pulled in my driveway and a lady got out and came up to me. She asked if I found the basket, and I said, yes. I thanked her over and over and said--"I don't even know who you are". She said "I know. We just wanted to brighten your day." We hugged and hugged, and I cried. Then she left. I want you to know that this meant so very much to me. And I want to get involved to help another sad lady, and another, and another. God Bless you all.