Bards town Kentucky thank you.

I have never heard of your group until today,when a cute young lady showed up at the dialysis clinic where I work as a nurse and handed me an envelope with my name upon it. Inside this envelope was a handwritten note from someone letting me know that a group of ladies were praying for me and my husband along with a monetary blessing. You see, my husband has just been told that if he chooses to forgo chemo (which he has been for doing for 6 years along with way too many surgeries) that he has approximately 4-6 months to live. This gift has made me realize that there are so many good women out there and that we do need to step up and help each other more. I do not know who you are, but, I love you and just know that I intend to try to do my part to help others. I will never forget this act of kindness, may God Bless You All!