Thank you to 12 women in Franklin TN

Dear !2 Ordinary Women, Initially I wrote a quick note of thanks, but as my emotions have overwhelmed me increasingly today, I think I need to write an amendment. First of all, when the women came to my door I was perplexed, and at first thought they were someone else. I regret not inviting them in, not realizing that the that they were here to truly bless me. The necklace couldn't be more perfect. It is beautiful, and the symbolism of a tree is significant in my life, and my relationship with God. I felt seen by God as though He chose it specifically for me. And the money was as though someone poured sweet honey on my soul. I feel so unworthy of your generosity, but I thank you. It made me feel very loved and appreciated. Sometimes I feel like no one sees me. I know I'm not the center of it all, but just knowing that someone cared enough to bless my socks off, overwhelms me! I could go on and on, but I think you understand what I am saying. So with all my heart, thank you for demonstrating God's love to me. I feel very grateful and full. And I pray God blesses you too. Sincerely, Carol