Dallas thank you

Today, I received an act of kindness, love and support from complete strangers, calling themselves 12 ”Ordinary” Women in Dallas. To these women, I say Thank You for reminding me that all things are possible through God. Your gift of hope and encouragement did indeed bring sunshine into my life; and at a time when I needed it most. I want you to know that my sister, Dana, is like you – she is selfless, tirelessly works helping others and loves our Lord as evidenced by her life of service. Watching her struggle with illness has often times made me question God’s will. Each and every time that I have questioned, God has placed extraordinary people in my path to remind me of his love and to keep me ever focused on eternity. Although, I do not know you, I love you; and I will remember this day when 12 “Extraordinary” Women touched my life forever.

You are in my prayers,