Gift basket thank you in Franklin, TN

Dear ladies,

I'm at a loss for words and taken back by your sincere kindness. I want you to know how happy, grateful, and thankful I am for your unbelievable act of kindness and generosity. Honestly, I was blown away by your kind words. Yes, I am a breast cancer survivor and yes I've been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for 24 years but I never thought of myself as someone who went through a lot. Just someone who had to except the life I've been given and always make the most of everyday.

I will say my faith in the Lord keeps getting stronger day by day and I know He holds me in His arms to give me the strength I need to make it through everyday.

Knowing all of you are praying for me is just incredible. I am simply overwhelmed it just brought me to tears. If I knew who you were I would each give you a giant hug and tell you that ALL of you are angels!!!

Today my life changed because of all of you. I will pay it forward. You just don't know the impact you made on my life and for that I'm internally forever grateful.

God Bless You and my love always