Plymouth MN thank you

Yesterday as we were buzzing about our day trying to get everything done that we cannot during the times our daughter, Miranda, is in treatment the doorbell rang and two women delivered a gift bag noting there was a card in the bag. It was a bit puzzling as these were just two ordinary women who looked like someone I should know but I did not. My daughter who was diagnosed with cancer 6 1/2 months ago and undergoing treatment ever since, got to go through the bag to discover all the sweet gifts within. And my son was pleased that he was also included – as most know a cancer diagnosis impacts the whole family and it has been a tough time for all of us.

The gift arrived at an interesting kind of milestone time for us. Our girl has one more round of chemo and then some additional follow up and we are done with treatment as of the middle of July. We are very excited but also this is a new phase of uncertainty and re-entry into our old life and we are feeling tenuous about all of it. Do we still fit here? Can anything ever be the same? What does life look like now?

So yes we needed a boost and yes we got one. Thank you from Plymouth, MN to 12 ordinary women!