Humbled in Elk River, MN

I was in my office last week making a phone call to arrange a doctors appointment for my boys so they can go to Camp Kesem, a camp for kids that have a parent with cancer. I was frustrated, as I couldn't get into my primary clinic until well after the camp, so I was desperately trying to search for a doctor that would see them and sign off on their camp permission slip. Finally working things out, I decided I needed to go to Target and relax. When I stepped out of my office, there was a woman waiting for me and she asked for a moment of my time. She had a gift bag and she just asked me to open it. Other people were gathering around. She said she was one of 12 ordinary women that go around and provide support to people who are experiencing hard times. She had heard about me and wanted to provide our family with some love and comfort. She provided us with a list of things to do in the Twin Cities and a generous amount of cash do get it done. I was in disbelief and shock, and honestly overwhelmed. Tears started flowing, people are SOOOOOO good. The amount of love I felt at that moment was so powerful and so overwhelming, it was amazing. Please know that your organization lifted my heart and eased my burden that day and it is something that I will NEVER forget. I already want to create my own group and start paying it forward!