Minneapolis thank you!

Twenty four hours ago, I was given an envelope with the gift of beautiful words and some cash. I am still in “awe" and wondering how such a group of “ordinary women” knew of me. I am humbled and grateful for the generosity, yet am not sure why I am worthy of the recognition. I have had many trials over the past decade, but I believe anyone in my shoes would do what they could to keep things as “normal” as possible for their children, keep their head up high and move forward.

The gift came at such a wonderful time, for the week had been trying. I feel that God had worked in His way - sending angels (12 ordinary women) to me.

I will never forget yesterday and will keep the card close at hand- always. The words will give me hope that things will get better and to stay grounded, thankful and loving.

Whoever you are- know you have made such a difference in touching my life as you have. "Thank you" does not express what I have been feeling over the past day.
What a loving gesture and group of individuals. Warm thoughts and blessings to you and yours. Theresa