You inspire hope through anonymous thoughtful gifts

 I was astonished by your personal presence and precious gifts you brought to me, my daughter Chelsey, son in-law Dave, and Becca's father Jeff. It is heart warming to know people that want to help mend broken hearts and inspire hope through anonymous thoughtful gifts. I do desire to know if those gracious enough to give these precious gifts have suffered losses similar to our own.

The monogrammed necklace is so lovely, and the plush lambs wool blanket is so comforting to snuggle into:)

Thank you for your heartfelt gifts and generosity. Your timing of giving the gifts at 6 months following the loss of our daughter and her twin babies was comforting and heartwarming. Most support, kind words, actions and prayers are but few now but the heart still aches for our beloved daughter and babies.

Love to all