Thank you for touching my soul!

I am so overwhelmed by this beautiful gift! It has been 20 months since our beautiful son suddenly left us. I have to put on a happy face so often now that no one sees the pain behind my mask. Thank you so much for touching my soul. I wrote this a while back and feel led to share it here.
We, who are left here must go on. We must live our lives through until we go Home to be with Jesus and those who have gone before us.
We must go on, walking the path of grief, the path to a different life than we saw before. A new path. One that is paved with shards of glass. The shards of our broken hearts.
We must go on. Our feet will become tough and calloused as we trod on this new path. Each step helps us take the next as we lean on Jesus. The blisters and calluses toughen and it is easier for a while. Then, they peel, making the steps as painful as they were at first. In time, our calloused feet become toughened for longer periods and we are able to move ahead.
We must not just be.
We must go on...
And live.