10/29 Stunned!!!

I was stunned yesterday--but oh, so pleased--to find a 12 Ordinary Women gift bag at my door! I had known of your organization because one of my dear friends had been blessed by 12OW a couple of years back, but now me being chosen to be the one blessed? Wow! Thank you, LORD! (And an interesting note: the very day the bag was delivered, I was at the wedding of the son of that dear friend.)

It has been eight months since my sweet husband passed away (with some very challenging times during the years before that). But my family, friends, and God's people have been taking good care of me in many foundational--and creative--ways, and I can only view these blessings as an earthly manifestation of God's grace to me--undeserved, but nonetheless poured out.

The gifts inside revealed that at least one of this group of 12 wonderful women knows what brings me huge joy, and that is MUSIC! I am so excited to use the extravagant gift certificate.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being the hands and feet of Jesus. This "whipping cream on the top" gift aligns with the way Jesus not only took care of people's needs, but brought them unexpected and delightful joys.

May God bless you 12 wonderful women! In Christ's love, Linda