11/14 humbled and honored

Wow! I am humbled and honored to have received such a gracious gift basket filled with surprises from your organization. My family welcomed a precious little girl into our life this past January and our life has truly been rocked in many ways. Our darling little baby has a congenital heart defect and we spend a lot of our time in the hospital and at various appointments. We feel incredibly blessed to have been entrusted to be parents to this miracle baby and have worked extremely hard to focus on maintaining a happy and stress-free image for those around us. My husband and I do our best to keep the details of appointments and conversations with our daughter's team private but at the same time are doing our best to use her diagnosis and life as a voice to spread awareness about CHDs. We want to help spread awareness so more people come to understand the severity and seriousness of what a life with a CHD can look like. We have come to accept a life full of doctors appointments and hospital stays but also are quickly learning how to live life to the absolute fullest and modeling for our precious daughter how to not take anything for granted. Our daughter should grow to live a relatively normal life aside from her appointments and heart procedures and we hope to teacher how to not let her CHD hold her back. To come home to such a sweet surprise was a welcomed reminder of how wonderful this world is. We continue to see the good around us and plan to pass along a good deed in honor of 12 Ordinary Women. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such a wonderful surprise!  Michaela