11/15 Chandler Az thank you

My name is Gini Larsen and I am the director of Biblical Hope Counseling in Gilbert/Chandler Arizona. I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for the scholarship money that was donated to our office. A group of "12 Ordinary Women" here in the East Valley donated funds to help low-income women and girls recieve biblical counseling at our office. The women you have scholarshipped had many spiritual and emotional needs and were not able to afford their sessions. Since the money was donated, here are some examples of women we have been able to assist:
-A 72 year old woman struggling with depression who lives on her Social Security.
-A woman just coming to grips with a difficult decision she made 20 years ago to end a pregnancy.
-A young mother experiencing post-partum depression.
-And, a victim of domestic voilence who was afraid to tell her boyfriend she wanted to see a counselor.
Thank-you on behalf of each of these women. Our office is able to keep our fees low ($50 per session hour) because of the generous gifts of women like you. You have given from your hearts to assist others. We are humbled and grateful for your support. Each of our counselors also have jobs that we do during the daytime. We are committed to this office as a ministry. We have been here for nine years operating in the commmunity thanks to the generous gifts of people like you. May the Lord bless your efforts.
Many thanks. 
Gini Larsen, Director,
Biblical Hope Counseling,

Chandler, AZ