"Way Over Due Thank You"

First of all let me say that this is way over due and for that I'm regretful and embarrassed. I simply couldn't remember the name of the website or find the paper that was handed to me that day back last fall with the very generous monetary gift in an envelope.
I was truly in shock and awe when this gentleman walks in the door and hands me this envelope and walks away. It literally resembled something Jesus would do. It came at the perfect time and I stood there in tears and thinking ; Who knew my rent was late, AGAIN? Who knew - my car had been repossessed? Who knew - my electricity had been turned off recently, Who knew- That I had NO idea how I was going to dream of doing Christmas for my 2 boys. WHO KNEW ??? (the list goes on).....

I had never had that much cash in my hands even. My money has always been paycheck to paycheck, straight to the bank to pay bills and pray til' the next one came, for the most part. Sure I'd make choices and do for myself or go "out to dinner" instead of cooking at home every now and then, but NOT often in the past 2 years especially.

SO, where I'm merely a child of the King and saved by his grace and mercy... I found myself in AWE that there truly are people who care and love... and actually "GET IT"!
THANK YOU.,.. to whomever these ladies or men and women were. Thank you for loving me and my boys. Thank you for being there when no one else seemed to be.
From the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU!!!
It's my prayer God continues to bless this mission and the good folks that run it. I'd love one day to be able to "give back" like this. I'm still in NO position to be able to now, but some day. And I'm going to hang on to this paper, it's placed my bible now. May God bless each one of you...

Phil 1:3~ 

Beth, Jakob and Zakary