Minnesota you came at a time of unbearable grief

  It was time to help me weed and mulch the beds. I had a handyman, two wonderful children I used to nanny and three high school boys helping me. As we were all working hard, a neighbor whom I know walked by along the property line and didn't even say hello or even wave. In disbelief, the handyman looked at me as I glanced at him. He saw I was hurt. I'm still emotionally fragile so he knew I needed a hug. We spoke about people just needing to be kind.

A moment later, a car pulls in front of my house and out comes a lovely woman. She asks for me and I approach her covered in mulch. She hands me the envelope. She said very little but as I opened the envelope I noticed the name of the organization. I told her I remembered reading about the group when it was started. She was backing away saying goodbye and I stood in shock. 
The lovely note is one which I look at daily."...there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." As I accept this note and gift of hope, I am thankful for your kindness. 
I have always loved the tree of life and even have a tapestry of it. The necklace with that tree and the word hope was so incredibly meaningful. The cash absolutely stunned me. A friend who was at my house at the time counted it for me. I looked at her and immediately thought of my husband and knew he would want me to pass it on. The family of two of the boys working with me are having a tough time. The dad has been battling his cancer and clinical depression and is unable to work. I took that money you gave to me and a friend added more so we were able to give the family a Kroger gift card. 
I am so appreciative of your gifts. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write this. Emotionally I am having a very, very tough time missing my husband and dealing with this new normal. I will keep reading the note. Many thanks to all of you, you are giving me hope I need to push through this unbearable grief.