6/27 May you be as blessed as you bless others.

Dear 12 "Extra" Ordinary Women,
I was so overwhelmed by your kindness last Monday. Two women came and blessed me with a bouquet of balloons, a devotional, a cute little pin cushion (it is adorable), and several very generous gift cards. It was such a blessing to me. These past five years have been hard and sometimes very difficult, but God has shown me through people like you that He is in control and cares about our every need. The timing of this gift was Heaven sent. I recently had a liver ablation on two malignant tumors and a few days after that my son and his wife gave birth to twins (at 27 weeks). So between healing and supporting our son and his wife, it has been draining. Thank you again for your kindness and thoughtfulness. May you be as blessed as you bless others. Lynne