7/25 A mothers thanks for remembering her family.

A few moments ago, I received a call from my son (Quintin) who was totally flabbergasted. He stated that two women just showed up at his door and blessed him with cash. He was so stunned that he hardly knew what to do. He thanked them, hugged them, and later regretted not inviting them in. The backstory is that Quintin's beautiful wife, Anna, passed away July 3rd of complications from Cystic Fibrosis. Her greatest dream was to be married, and they had six short, beautiful weeks of matrimony. We've all been trying to reconcile our days without our sweet Anna while being very aware there's a mound of medical bills coming. (Hospital stays, days in ICU, and 2 By-pass procedures.) It's a lot for a young man of 24 to cope with. How can our families thank you for such a generous gift? You have shown the true spirit of community. You heard of a need and took action to help meet it. We are humbled and deeply grateful. You've helped carry a burden our families can't carry alone at this time, and you've made a difference. Thank you!Chris