You've got mail! 5/16

I received a note from my mailman I had to pick up a box they tried to deliver. I was confused as I had not ordered anything. I went to post office to find a heavy medium size box. I asked who it was from, the return said 12 Ordinary Women. I was so confused. I brought it home and opened with my youngest daughter. Inside were wonderful thoughtful gifts. A spiritual journal book, treats, coffee, coffee mug, blanket, hand made needlepoint prayer towel. Jewelry, lotion and my list goes on. It brought tears to my eyes as I was just saying how tired I am from being sick with breathing and medication. It's 2 years of being sick and I had been losing hope lately of a cure. This has given me hope knowing that a number of people are praying for me and I'm so thankful god has sent these prayers in my direction. Thank you so much to the people who put this together for me and for anyone else that has received this gift. I hope I will be able to help pass on this encouragement to someone too. God bless!