Thank you for helping with kids activities fees. 9/14

There are no words!! I had JUST called Eb at work...told him that the kids needed $100 EACH for activity fees at MSAD...AND would soon need alot of money for both of them to do Driver's Ed which made my trip to Illinois to watch Sam in his Football tournament near impossible. I was going to tell Sam the sad news...but now i don't need to!!!!!! I can go because of this gift! When I looked first I only saw the Herman's coupons and I was so excited about those alone that I was about to run to the computer to say thank you when i noticed the money made me Jesus knows...this could not have been more timely. It was the most perfect gift..and I'm soooo happy that you guys are connecting with sweet Iman at the bakery to help him feel more a part of the community. Bless You...Bless you..Bless you...I love you whoever you are...and I want to be a part of this wonderful thing and make someone else feel the way i just felt...Eb too was stunned <3 <3 <3.