December 23rd gift.

After a brief outing on December 23rd, we returned home to find a bag full of gifts specifically geared for the different members of our family. At first, we were confused as it was the day before Christmas Eve, but then discovered the website for 12 Ordinary Women printed on a couple of the gifts. We were truly humbled by the thoughtful gifts that were left for us. It was quite evident that someone involved knew us very well as many of the gifts were very specific. There was even something for our dogs! The biggest surprise was a vacation to a water park! This will be our first family vacation in nearly two years, which makes it that much more special. A member of our family has been struggling with mental illness which has created a very difficult home life for the other members of our family. This seemingly simple act has caught us all off guard but truthfully it was one of the most generous gifts we have ever received. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all of the women involved for their generosity. You have reminded us that people can be generous and gracious without expecting anything in return. Thank you and God bless!