2/16 Salvadorian Family thank you

Hi this is Ayala's Family from El Salvador. We are Mauro Ayala(56 years old), Reina Ayala(48), Timoteo Ayala(26), Jonatan Ayala(22) and Cristian Ayala(20). First of all we want to say: "MUCHAS GRACIAS / THANK YOU" For making our dream come true. We have always dream to visit Universal Studios as a family but we know is expensive and after we purchased the fly tickets we run out of money so we had to let go of that dream but God had something different planned for us. When we were packing our bags we received an email from our friends the Sterchi's and on the email they wrote: Guy's we received an anonymus letter from this group called "12 Ordinary Women" with $600 for your ticket to Universal Studios. At the beginning we couldn't believe what we were reading (we were in shock) but then we realized about what was happening and we couldn't stop our tears from falling from our eyes and at that very moment we fall on our knees and we thanked the lord for using this 12 EXTRAORDINARY women. Now let me tell you that we went to Universal studios yesterday February 15th and it was AMAZING. We want to write our personal thanks message:
Mauro Ayala: The Lord has been so good to us...and you have been part of how He showed His great love. My wife and I, meet Kent and Michelle Sterchi in El Salvador, during a missionary trip that they did in 2017. The have been an outstanding blessing for us, from this day, and they shared about this testimony of your offering for our dreamed time here in Orlando. Staying in their home is like stay in our own home. Now, because we are a pastoral family, dealing with financial challenges as many of our friends in the pastoral ministry in El Salvador. So, for my sons to come to Orlando to Universal Studios Park, was a real dream, from their early years as children. Now Jonatan has been called to be a missionary with YWAM and Aaron to be part of our pastoral team, Timothy is called to be Psalmist, finishing his college in El Salvador this year to be graduated, so this experience as family, that they were waiting for a long long time, is a special time as family. For us as family, that now our son's ways are taking their own calling path, is more significant. Many times, as pastor, I was neglecting fun time as family, not just because of thinking, but many times because of the lack of finances...so the Lord used you to show us how important is to spend time , having fun as family, and with this memories we will be, renewed for serving our lovely Father. So dear "12 Ordinary Women" with tears in our eyes, we were reading about your vision and love for the Lord and for His people, and we want to say : THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! We will be always with a great gratitude to the Lord and to your ministry.

Reina Ayala: "12 ordinary women" Thank You a lot to all of you! you can't imagine how blessed my family have been because of you! God bless you all brave women for making all of this possible! My family enjoyed this experience and we will never forget it! you made me cry and laugh! my heart almost explode of happiness. A thousand thanks to you. We love you! God bless you all.

Timoteo Ayala: "12 ordinary women" God Bless you!! Thank you for this blessing we had a blast at universal. Me and my brother enjoyed every ride. We went to island of adventure so one of my favorite ride's was the Harry Potter's ride. I scream, laughed and i was so happy that my whole family was smiling and having fun and all of that couldn't have been possible without your help so i will be forever grateful for your generosity towards my family and me. If you ever go to El Salvador please send us an email we would like to thank you in person. We don't know you but we love you with the love of God. Gracias Mujeres de Dios.

Jonatan Ayala: The day we went to Universal Studios as a family was heavenly. Im so grateful that God used you as a ministry to be a response to our prayers; He is always faithful and His love is always being reflected in so many creative ways as this one. The day we found out about your noble act, we couldnt hold our tears of happiness and excitement. Im sure God will multiply everything you have done for us and His kingdom. Wish I could hug you and tell you how thankful I am in person, but for now I hope letters are enough to express it.

Cristian Ayala: Thank you so much for everything you did for us, with that money we bought our tickets to Universal Studios, it was the first time we visit it and we had a BLAST! we have some awesome experiences and unforgettable memories. It was the perfect situation to gather the family since we star to split up, my brothers are going to different countries to study and my parents and I are staying in El Salvador so this was like our "Goodbye" or a "See you later". Words are not enough to express my gratitude, I pray to God asking him to bless you and give you more than what you gave to us, what you did was a message from God saying "I know what you wanted and I'm taking good care of you" it was a confirmation form God.

Your Salvadorian Family.
Ayala's Family
Blessings :)