1/26 You helped with my daughter’s day care bill!!!

I would start by saying THANK YOU . My name is Diamonique and I Received a blessing from you! This is Sapphire  and she's say THANK YOU!

Today after dropping my baby at daycare, the director stopped me to talk about my account . First she tells me that we were way over due and needed to make final payments or we would have to take our daughter out until we could catch up with payments . Of course I'm becoming upset because I know that lately we have been struggling to keep with all of our bills and child care was the one that cost the most . She then tells me that someone came in to pay 425 of the tuition which brought my balance down significantly!  All I could do was think "is she joking right now?" I have no idea who you  are or what you do but all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am beyond grateful of you and my family and I could not say Thank you enough ! You are truly God's favor and he I pray that he continues to BLESS YOU AS WELL ! I could not wait to spread this testimony to my friends and family . The faith and abundance of God is everywhere and more so he's in YOU! Thank you and may you have a blessed day!