8/3 Rendered speechless

I am rendered speechless....and those that know me know that that is no small feat. I came home this evening to the sweetest little package on my doorstep. And ro my surprise.....goodies....from an anonymous source. My first thought.....”this has to be a mistake!” Followed by “I’m not deserving!” And “what is going on?” There are so many people much more deserving than I. I’ve never done anything remotely worthy of this gratitude.... but here I am....on the receiving end of this precious gift with no way of letting the giver know how appreciative I am. I’m humbled that someone would think so highly of a broken person like myself. My heart is forever touched. I know that this person knows the TRUE me as I caught on to the little messages within the note and the cute camper hair tie. Please know that I’m forever grateful to you and would love to embrace you in the biggest hug! ❤️❤️