1/15 Completely overwhelmed

Whoever you are, wherever you are, Thank You from the bottom of my heart! You gals seemed to know just when we needed a little pick me up. After our sons surgery and 5 week hospital stay and we were re-acclimating to being a family of 5 under one roof, this amazing gift was on our door step or garage step. At first I thought it was something for my husbands work and asked him once my daughter and I got in the house. He had no clue what it was. My daughter and I brought it in and looked it over. I found the cards and started to sob. I was completely overwhelmed by your generosity and it did not go unnoticed. You included something for everyone and knew specific details of what the kids liked, Cameron-paw patrol, Kendall-a little purse and earrings, Benjamin a football and a Barnes and Nobles gift (we cannot keep up with his love of reading). I know I won't be able to find you all and thank you in person. Believe me I have tried and no one I know has slipped up. So thank you again! I hope to someday pay it forward! The Moskowitz Family