1/27 I am just who I was born to be!

My name is Eva, and I am one of those chosen ones who received gifts from the ladies of 12 Ordinary Women! I am humbled, very surprised and very grateful for the fact that someone has thought about me as one of those who deserves this honor! But, I am just who I was born to be! I am still in shock, and I do not know what to do with this feeling, because I am the one who always gives, but almost never receive. And honestly I don't ever expect to get anything, because for me giving is what makes me happy! To see the joy on other people faces what gives me everything that I need! I have never heard of you ladies, but what y'all doing is more then just ordinary! You ladies are the ones who are EXTRAORDINARY, and very, very special! I wish I could have an opportunity to thank every single one of you, and I wish I could tell you my story so you would know for sure if I am the right person, who deserved such recognition? I also wish to thank the men or women who referred me to receive such a wonderful gift! I know that y'all can't tell me who she or he is, but y'all can give my thanks to that person!

Once more I am very honored and very grateful for you ladies! God Bless you all!
With best regards,
Eva C