3/10 To the 12 ordinary women of Isanti County

To the 12 ordinary women of Isanti County: First of all you are not ordinary, your extraordinary!! I was so thrilled when the florist delivered the GORGEOUS bouquet 💐 of flowers....THANK YOU SO MUCH....I love them so much and to think they came anonymously ♥️♥️. When I opened the card , I found the real gift and blessing, the gift of money is so generous!! Maybe I will use it to go tap dancing !! 🥿 you never know, thank you 🙂. The real gift is the love, support , generosity and prayers from each one of you, you have no idea how comforting it is to know you (12 Ordinary Women) are willing to go on this journey with me. You are my gift from our Lord Jesus, I know He will bless you for reaching out to one of His children. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU... Love Pat.