3/22 Today, I was surprised in my classroom

12 Ordinary Women-

I am not sure where to start. I am so blessed beyond belief and I thank you, as a group, for blessing deserving women. I can't believe I am amongst these wonderful women you recognize. Today, I was surprised in my classroom with a beautiful plant, tons of snacks for my kids, homemade cookies, and a beautiful card with money to put towards my students' needs and our classroom needs. I am still in shock. What a beautiful surprise and one that will never leave me. Thank you for creating this beautiful memory for me to have. There are so many deserving teachers in this world that I am trying to grasp and smile at the fact that I am one of them. Your kindness serves as a reminder to keep up the great work I am doing and that everything I am doing is just right for our future generation. I thank you for recognizing me and my efforts in the classroom. Your group is absolutely phenomenal. As I told my husband, there is no way the words, "thank you," truly capture my thanks for your surprise and gifts. I am so excited to pass along the good and submit a nomination for someone I know who deserves this beautiful work from 12 Ordinary Women. Please, pass along this thanks to the wonderful women who did all the work behind my surprise. I truly thank them. God is good and I love seeing His work shine through others. I am eager to pass it along. Thank you. - Lizzie