4/29 Overwhelmed by Generosity!

Hello and greetings! I am a 39 year old woman fighting brain cancer. Even though this is a terminal illness, I am lucky because mine is only Grade 3 which means TIME. Not a lot of time, I'm hoping to have 5 more years, but everything changes as soon as you go Grade 4. Once you are Grade 4 its’ time to fight/wrap things up.
For now, I get to enjoy my days, I teach yoga, and am committed to a healthy lifestyle to fight longer. Today I showed up at my yoga studio to find an envelope with my name on it. To my surprise it was a card from 12 Ordinary Women with cash inside! I cannot even being to express how much this means to me and helps. Because of my sickness I do not work, I am on social security disability, I have survived 2 brain surgeries, and last year I had to undergo chemo and Proton Beam Therapy (which is a more advanced version of radiation) at Orlando Health. It’s scary to be fighting for your life when you haven’t even hit 40. Please know how much it means to me to know other people are out there that care. Thank you for this wonderful group of women and all the wonderful things you do to help others.