Covert Opps in Lowes

We got to Lowe's and searched the whole store until we found him. He was helping someone, so we had to find a way to look like we were "shopping" in the aisles around the contractor's supply part of the store – not easy to do, especially as that's not a "Oh, let's look around until we find what we want" kind of department. I learned a lot about those little pyramid-shaped caps you put on the tops of fence posts, and learned more about the vast array of kneepads on the market today.

Anyway, we finally found "S"by himself, behind the counter. I approached, asked if he was the "S"we were looking for, and once he confirmed, I said "Someone asked me to deliver this to you."

He said "Oh, okay" as though this kind of thing happened every day.

I handed him the envelope and said "Just know that some people are thinking of you and praying for you." Then we high-tailed it out of Lowe's – but of course, we parked ONE MILLION MILES AWAY from the contractor's supply department, so we made kind of a fast-but-not-fast getaway across the entire length of the store, making sure NEVER to look behind us, in case he was chasing us down.

As we approached the garden department, I saw another employee pick up her in-store walkie talkie and look at us. I felt like the Jason Bourne of anonymous gift-giving, and I started planning our escape route. She wasn't very tall, so I figured I could take her out if need be ... but we made it out without incident, hopped into the car and took off.

WHAT A RUSH! It was so amazing to do the delivery, and I'll admit I choked up a bit as I handed over the envelope. It's something all of us should do as we go forward with the group.