The room suddenly got really dusty...

Joes –

"C" and I did the gift delivery yesterday...I think I speak for "C" when I say it was an incredibly emotional experience – not one that I'd ever like to repeat, but one that I wouldn't hesitate to repeat when the need arises. (If that makes any sense.)
We got to Skyline and met with "DP", a Skyline employee who put this family's need on our radar. She told "T" that something was being delivered for her, but didn't go into specifics. "T" brought her husband, "R", along with their three children.
"T" brought 12 copies of the memoriam card – one for each of us. This got to me and I'm not afraid to admit that the room suddenly got really, really dusty. I only took one, because my IT nerd instincts took over and I said "Oh, I'll scan it in for everyone." I've attached a PDF of the memoriam card for Matthew, to remind us all of why we did this in the first place.
We spoke for just a moment, and I found out that "R" quit his job to take care of Matthew, and was now having problems finding work as a truck driver. So if anyone knows of any contacts, etc., with trucking companies (or other area firms that need a driver) please let me know ASAP.
"A" later found out that this gift was sorely needed – after taxes and health insurance was taken out of "T's" last paycheck at Skyline, she was left with two dollars. Two dollars! This money would go mainly toward feeding her family.  
This is one experience I won't forget anytime soon. I sincerely thank my fellow Joes for their support of this family. 
God bless