Double Down December

"G" and I drove to Fairview on the morning of Friday Dec 23 and found a family that obviously had needs.  Good thing we went during the day or we may not have found their home.  "A’s" wife answered the door and we asked to speak to "R" (I had the wrong name)…we quickly learned his name was "A".  She went to tell him there were some guys at the door and he came to meet us along with his young son…still wearing his respirator a remnant from his recent surgery.   We greeted them, handed to him the envelope and wished him our blessings and Merry Christmas and went on our way.  By the look on their face they were very surprised and gracious without knowing what was in the envelope.
The only way I can describe the drop was that we made the correct decision to “double down” this month and our experience was “heartwarming and sweet”.  We left knowing that without a doubt we assisted someone with significant needs and challenged to be more aware of others in need throughout the year.