Thank You for helping my family

Dear 12 Average Joes,
I wanted to send you a heart felt "thank you" for helping my sister and brother-in-law, "D&A Y". I don't know how your group was informed about their situation, but I'm incredibility thankful that you were contacted. I cannot express how painful it is to see your own family struggle and not be in a position to send them enough money to keep them going, let alone, not being able to give them a hug or a hand to hold when you live over a 1,000 miles away. 

Honestly, I really do not possess the words to properly convey my personal thanks to your organization. I've never been much of a religious person, but I always say prayers of thanks everyday, just in case someone was listening. I've only put in a couple of requests for help over the years, and as always, those prayers have been answered.