They got me "out of the woods"

On Wednesday morning, 9/14, "P", "R" and I went up to Nashville to make face-to-face deliveries to "DC" & "CS", our two "Contributor" vendors, we decided to bless at our last meeting. The three of us made a plan to "patrol" the areas I knew that they would be selling papers. We wanted to do a drive-by to ID them and present them with the envelope. Because I knew their faces, I drove and "R&P" made the delivery. We found "C", but were unable to locate "D". Today, I "C" had reported that he had "gotten out of the woods," made a deposit on an apartment room, and had paid his rent for a few months. "C" said, "Oh yea, Wednesday morning these two guys walked up on me at my spot and I thought, 'Oh no, I'm in trouble now.'" He said, these two guy said "Are you CS"? They handed me an envelope and told me they just wanted to bless me and let me know that they were praying for me...and that they were not the only ones. These guys were my angels! They gave me just enough money to get my boots and apartment with two dollars left for bus fare!" 
Well done 12AJs, whoever you are. You gave him exactly what he needed, including bus fare to pick up his winter boots at Redwing. Maybe we are all entertaining angels, unaware?