What you did is exactly what we try to teach our 3 boys!

A thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough but I do want to express my families deep appreciation for what you have done. A beautiful family with two daughters, a baby boy, and mom and dad came to our door this evening with a gift. They said they had heard that we are a family in need and I went on to explain that I had lost my job 11 months ago and things had been a little tough.

I did not know them and was really at a loss for words accepting the gift they had just given me. I went inside to the kitchen and opened up the small box that had such a large gift inside. There was cash, receipts from utility bills that were paid, a spa gift certificate, and 5 tickets to the Toby Mac concert. My wife had tears in her eyes at the generosity. What you have done is the exact thing we try to teach our 3 boys. We want them to give without expecting anything in return.

One thing this trying time has done, it has brought us closer to god. When I was laid off 11 months ago, we put this in his hands and he has certainly taken care of us in so many different ways including 12 Ordinary Families. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What you do for the community will not go unnoticed even though I know you are not looking for notoriety. Thank you once again and bless each of you and your families for what you do.

The M Family