When thank just doesn't seem to be big enough!

We are the W Family. We have one son who will be 9 next month and now we are due in two weeks with our second. Obviously, it has been a while. All of this was completely unexpected, and for a while, we did not take to the idea very well. But I can not express to you the faithfulness of God who has met every need and done miracle after miracle after miracle. 4 of these miracles have come through "12 ordinary families," My husband, son and I have been overwhelmed at the amazing way God has met our needs through families that do not even know who we are. They just come humbly, with such sweetness and tenderness, and want to bless us. That amazes me. It has allowed my son to see the faithfulness of God and the example of how Jesus wants us to treat each other and meet each others needs. And though we may not be a wealthy family monetarily speaking, we feel like the richest people in the world...and in a lot of ways, are! Thank you to everyone who has given to meet our needs and left us with nothing to buy for soon-to-arrive AJ. All of his needs have been met. What a huge blessing. Needless to say, God has brought us a long way over these months, and we now find ourselves very excited about this new little life He has blessed us with. We are overjoyed and would not have it any other way. Thank you for making this rather unexpected transition much easier for us. Thank you for sharing in our lives and for being a shining light to us all.