Thank you for blessing our family!

I work in an elementary school and see people coming into our office about every 30 seconds. This morning caught me off guard completely but that is how God works isn't it? A member of a local church in town walked into my office and asked for me by name. I am her! I recognized him from a few years ago as we attended that church for years and have many friends from there. He was here to bless my family. I was speechless. Just when you think God has forgotten you he shows himself in so many ways. My husband has been out of work for over 2 years and it has been beyond difficult but God has kept us up. He truly has! He has just started a new job but still it will take us a while to get back on our feet. Thank you so much for the blessing. it will help our children so much during a hard time. One day we will be able to explain all of this to our kids and teach them about random acts of kindness and about truly having faith and trust in God. God bless the 12 Ordinary Families ministry. We are so humbled by your love and your warm hearts. Thank you so much.

The K Family