Hi Ladies : )


Wow, I cannot thank you enough for my gift! I was right in the middle of work when I was handed my pink bag. I was really confused because it is definitely not my birthday and I didn't know why a complete stranger (with a beautiful smile!) was giving me a gift? As soon as I peeked at the card I just felt like crying. Actually, I think I uttered "oh my gosh" because I know the amazing things you women do and how much you help other women, and now I was the woman being helped. I had to wait until my break to find out what I had received and I must say I was so surprised to find out that I was (basically) holding 4 brand new tires in my hands!! I felt so overwhelmed with being thankful and feeling relief. I really just feel like crying as I'm typing this. I cannot express my gratitude enough. 


Something I also want you to know is how stunned I am that you ladies chose me this month. I am amazed, humbled, and in awe. I didn't really consider myself to be worthy enough of all of your attention and help. It makes me feel so special and so loved. The card said "from women who care" and I want you to know just how much those 4 words meant to me while looking at my gift. 


The act of giving is so powerful and I feel truly truly blessed to have received. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart : )