Caught in my curlers!



The horror and embarrassment of coming to my door in my blue fuzzy robe and huge velcro rollers is too much to describe.  I thought my babysitter had arrived early!  How wonderful was the surprise to be greeted by a precious woman and the cutest little boy ever bringing ME holiday gifts.  They were all so thoughtful and meaningful.  Being from North Carolina, I treasured the greenery basket that is brightening my bedroom.  The delicious pound cake is sure to add inches in unwanted places--but oh well!  It was worth it!!  I will enjoy telling the story of the bamboo necklace, its meaning and how I came to acquire it, when I wear it.  And the "Daily Light" devotional book will surely bring me words of strength and encouragement at just the right time.


I am not sure how I came to be on your list of women to visit, but please know how much I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.  What a way to show Jesus' love through action.  Thank you so much.  


Gratefully yours,