Salty Tears and Sweet Tears

One evening I was at my part-time job, exhausted from a salty-tear day when a woman came in bearing a beautiful pink plant and blue gift bag! I stood in amazement when she called my name…she said these were gifts from women who wanted to bless us, who wanted us to know that we were thought of…astonished, I asked who over and over…her reply was, “just 12 ordinary women”…women who get together every month, take up collections and give gifts to widows, single moms, women who are suffering.


No words can describe how this act has touched me – has strengthened a waning faith and infused hope into a shattered heart – what a true example of God’s love! The money/gift card was wonderful as I could get much needed shoes for my boys, but the best part of it all…every time I see my little plant, I am reminded that we exist, that we are loved, that there are Angels in our midst, that God sees us…that God’s grace covers me and my boys…


I’ve cried so many salty tears these last 18 months…tears of disappointment from a job layoff, tears of financial fear; tears of grief from my father’s passing and more when my boy’s Dad got sick then his Dad passed; tears of shame that I can’t provide for my family and from “if only”; tears of sadness from being rejected time and again. So many bittersweet, salty tears.


Yet, for all the pain, the sweet tears are salve to my wounds – tears of thankfulness for gifts of food and paid bills; tears of encouragement from a friend’s loving words; tears of love from gestures of care; tears of joy from blessings received; tears of relief when Mom’s heart was found strong; tears of happiness for my boy’s accomplishments. So many sugary, sweet tears…tears made more sweet by women like you!


Thank you so much…your generosity has sweetened our lives…and my prayer is that I can get out of myself long enough to give God’s love to another.


God Bless You,

Karen & The Boys